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Moyle Primary School & Nursery Unit, Larne

P7 Victorian Day

18th Dec 2018

In P7, we have been learning about the lives of Victorian children at school. In order to truly understand any similarities and differences within school life now and then, we re-enacted a Victorian school day. We looked the part as we dressed up as Victorian boys and girls and entered into a classroom experience very different to what we know. 

From height order lines and hygiene inspections to receiving the 'cane' or 'Dunce' hat for talking or completing work incorrectly, we experienced a very real Victorian classroom environment. We used chalk to practise correct handwriting and had to recite important lines such as, 'Children should be seen and not heard'. Some of us struggled to try the churned butter and soda bread and the buttermilk was a challenging experience, however we needed the energy to carry out our daily drill.

After a long morning writing poetry, reciting Kings and Queens and converting ounces to pounds, we enjoyed our Golden Time session by completing technical drawing for boys, and sewing for girls.

This was a great experience and one in which we will remember for the rest of P7, but there was a resounding sigh of relief when Mrs. Mills brought us back into the 2018 classroom. I wonder if the cane will ever make an appearance again...? ;-)

Victorian Day was such a treat, please Ma'am can I have more gruel to eat?

Thank you to all the children for playing along brilliantly and for a truly awesome effort with costumes!